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Session Costs

 £75.00 per session
£400.00 for a block of 6 sessions
£650.00 for a block of 10 sessions

What services can do I offer?

Counselling is a type of talking therapy that allows a person to talk about their problems and feelings in a confidential and dependable environment. A counsellor is trained to listen with empathy (by putting themselves in your shoes). They can help you deal with any negative thoughts and feelings that you have. Sometimes, the term 'counselling' is used to refer to talking therapies in general, but counselling is also a specific type of therapy in its own right.

Here at TLC Counselling I provide...

  • Short term counselling - usually lasting between 6-12 sessions, often helpful for clients to explore immediate difficulties and help alleviate the symptoms of issues such as low mood or anxiety.

  • Longer term counselling - this is carried out on an open-ended basis and the number of sessions will be mutually determined between client and counsellor. Longer term therapy is often useful for prolonged or more deeply engrained difficulties such as trauma or loss. However longer term therapy can also be useful for clients who wish to gain a deeper awareness/transformation of long standing issues such as those relating to family dynamics, historical events or personality.

  • Life/Work Coaching - to help you understand the dynamics and messages you have received throughout life that are currently impacting upon you reaching your goals.

  • Couples & Relationship Counselling - working with both partners within a therapy session to explore difficulties within the relationship.