A relationship therapist’s top 5 tips to what makes a healthy relationship


We all want to be in a loving, healthy relationship that will add quality to our lives.

Many people find themselves in situations where they invest a lot of emotional time in the wrong relationships, always hoping for some sort of change. Then one day the light shines and you realize you just do not fit together!

Some people are driven by the physical attraction that does not always sustain a relationship. For others it can be the feeling of not wanting to be alone, therefore choosing to stay with the wrong person rather than being on their own.

For those that stay in relationships for the wrong reasons: firstly, you need to find the right relationship with yourself first.

So, what makes a healthy relationship?

  1. Being ready emotionally and mentally available to commit to someone new. Sometimes we get into relationships when we have not healed from past relationships, and if this is the case then make sure you have taken the time to work through these issues before looking for the next relationship.

  2. Being realistic in your expectations of the other person. It is not up to someone else to fulfill your life for you but to add quality to your life.

  3. Communication, communication, communication— this is key! If you are not able to discuss what you are thinking and how you are feeling then no-one knows what is going on with their partner. Remember: no one is a mind reader!

  4. Identifying your needs. This is so important! Again, if you are not highlighting what you need from each other your needs will not be met, leading to feel disappointed by the other person.

  5. Mutual respect of the other. There is no right or wrong in relationships, there are only differences in perspectives. Take the time to understand where the other person is coming from and put yourselves in each other’s shoes.