Top 10 Fun Date Ideas


A lot of first daters follow the same old patterns of dating by going out for dinner, this sometimes can be too intense, awkward or boring. A good way to establish if this is someone you want to spend time with and enjoy their company is to do some fun and relaxed dating.

TLC Match Making Dating Agency has compiled a list of fun and different date ideas to help you both have the chance to connect at various levels with a potential partner.

1. Brunch and a Walk

Meet for brunch, allowing you both to have a general chat and start to get to know one another, then after feeling full from that brunch you have just eaten, why not go for a nice walk in a public park. (See tips for dating safely, which is a free download)


2. Comedy Night

Take in a comedy stand-up show, one of the advantages of this is to be able to see each other’s sense of humour and how you can laugh together. Humour is one of the top researched qualities that both parties look for after initial attraction in a relationship.

3. Play Crazy Golf

This is a sure fire way to have some light hearted fun and to see how you interact with one another.  Are you supportive or competitive with the other person?  How does each person lead and have ‘banter’ or not as the case may be? 

4. Visit a Vineyard

Want to become a wine connoisseur, why not go to a vineyard and have some lunch and taste some classic wines, this is a good way to find out about the other person’s interests and to spend some quality time together.

5. Open Air Cinema Evening

A good way to get up close and personal with your date, look out for those old classic films and take a picnic, how very romantic cuddled up under the stars, this could be the evening of the first kiss!!


6. Take a Cookery Class Together

What better way to get to know someone than to do some cooking together to create a lovely food dish to share.  This will give you both a new shared experience that’s a bit different and allows you both to see how you work together as a team.

7. Games Evening

Why not have a games evening with one another, with some nibbles to pick at your leisure.  Playing things like, twister can allow personal contact and the opportunity to have fun and a good flirt together.

8. Ice Skating

Why not try something different, whereby you both can support each other going round the rink, giving you both the chance to be silly and ‘touchy/feely’ with one another.


9. Go to a Concert Together

What is more romantic than sharing your first musical experience together, creating those special moments and memories from your favourite songs.  You never know this could be the song played at your wedding!!

10. Cosy Night In

Now it is time for a cosy night in, light some candles, light romantic music, a cheeky bottle of ‘fizz’ to create that ambiance and spend the evening talking the night away.  This is a good opportunity to share what you like about the other person.