£50 per session & £35 for individuals on a low income

  • You will be required to make the first payment for the initial assessment/consultation via bank transfer 48 hours prior to the session. We can discuss this further when making the initial appointment together.
  • If you are unable to attend the session for any reason, I require 48 hour’s notice. If you have not done this, you will be charged at the full rate of the session. This is to cover the cost of the room hire, and not to prevent other clients from accessing an initial assessment /consultations in this slot.
  • To give warning where possible of holidays, or other commitments that will prevent you from attending your appointment. (Otherwise, this will also require a 48-hour notice period and if not given, will be chargeable).
  • If you are on a low income or in receipt of benefits, you are eligible for reduced session costs.  You will need to provide proof of your, benefits award letter, payslips and bank statement in the initial assessment/consultation

Children and Young People

£40 per session & £25 for young people & children’s families on a low income.

For children and young people under the age of 16 years old, the parent or guardian will be responsible for arranging payments 48 hours in advance of the session. I will ask you the parent to attend the session if the child is under 14 years old to ensure you are both aware of the on-going agreement for counselling.

If your child is unable to attend for any reason, you are to give the required 48 hour’s notice as stated on the counselling agreement. For young people aged between 16 and 25 years old, we will talk through the counselling agreement and I will explain the payments and cancellations policy to you.

If you do not live in your family home, you are on benefits, or on a low income we can discuss in the session, what is affordable to you. You will need to provide evidence of this, in the initial consultation by providing your benefits award letter, payslips and bank statement.


£60 per session & £45 for couples on a low income

  • The person that contacts me to book an initial consultation/assessment will arrange for the payment to be discussed with their partner. (I can discuss this with either one or both of you if you would like me to). This is paid via bank transfer 48 hours before the appointment.
  • Either one of you can be responsible for cancelling the session given 48 hour’s notice before the session. This will allow other clients to access an initial assessment/consultation and for the hiring of the room.
  • I will give you a counselling agreement that you both will sign and return to me at the first on-going counselling session. This will provide you with both with all of the relevant information you require about the cancellation policy.
  • If either client is on benefits or a low income, we can look at reducing the cost of the sessions this will be by means-testing. Each of you will both be required to provide proof of your, benefits award letter, payslips and bank statements in the initial assessment/consultation when we first meet.

  For those of you on a low income, I offer a reduced price plan to enable everyone the opportunity to access support when they need it. I assess this by means-testing. If you are on government benefits, you will have a benefit awards letter that you receive from the benefits department evidencing your income from them. If you are on low wages, you will produce a recent wage slips or bank statements indicating your monthly/weekly earnings.
All of the above will be required to be produced at the initial assessment/consultation. We can discuss payments in this session moving forward and agree on a price plan for you.


You will be asked to pay 48 hours in advance of the initial assessment/consultation, via bank transfer before the appointment to secure your booking. We can discuss this further when making the initial appointment together.
You may want to do a block bookng of six sessions in advance, which can be arranged at the initial assessment/consultation.
Once the on-going sessions commence and there are occasions that it is more convenient to pay on the day,  this can be arranged in advance of the next session you attend.


Unfortunately, I do not take credit card payments, and you will be requested to do a bank transfer


I have many clients that come and have a ‘check-in’ session. This is like having an annual ‘MOT’, sometimes it is good to see where you are at and keep on track of you self-care. With living in such preoccupied times, it is easy to get caught up in everyday life. Having a counselling session or two can help you regain perspective and priority.
You would not have another initial assessment/consultation. This is a one-off payment, unless, there are on-going issues that have arisen for you that needs to be reassessed.

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