Fun Dates For Couples


For a lot of relationships after a period of time, start to become complacent especially when children come along, as you can become preoccupied with your children’s needs.  If you do not make time for each other, it can create a disconnect and you can both start to lose yourselves in the couple relationship.  It is important you keep time a side on a regular basis, weekly where possible, for you both of you to have some time together and more importantly have fun - a date night!

Here are some fun date suggestions; these have proven popular with the couples I work with. 

1. Brunch and a Walk

Meet for brunch, allowing you both to have a general chat and ‘check in’ with one another. After feeling full from the brunch you have just eaten, why not go for a nice walk in the park.

2. Comedy Night

Take in a comedy night, one of the advantages of this is you will both be able to have a ‘laugh’ together, humour is key to keeping a relationship strong and helps you get through the ‘good and bad times’

3. Cray Crazy Golf

This is a sure fire way to for you both to have some light hearted fun and to create some ‘banter’ with each other.  This can help you both forget all of your everyday responsibilities and just be you again for a period of time, allowing you both to enjoy each other’s company.

4. Visit a Vineyard

Want to become a wine connoisseur, go to a vineyard for the day and have some lunch and taste some classic wines, this is a good way to meet other people and socialise to.

5. Open Air Cinema Evening

A good excuse to get up close and personal with each other, look out for those old classic films and take a picnic. How very romantic cuddled up under the stars, this could be the evening to bring back some intimacy that might be starting to fall by the ‘wayside’

6. Cocktail Making Class with Dinner

This allows you both a few cheeky cocktails, followed by dinner t, this can give you both the opportunity to open up a little more to one another at a deeper level.

7. Take a Cookery Class Together

What better than doing some cooking together to create a lovely food dish to share.  This will give you both a new shared experience and remind you both what a good team you are.

8. Games Evening

Why not have a games evening with some nice nibbles.  Playing games like twister can allow intimate contact and the opportunity to be flirty with one another.

9. Ice Skating

Why not try something different and go ice skating, ‘slipping and sliding’ around the rink, given you both the chance to be silly and have some fun. 

10. Go to a Concert or Festival Together

When was the last time you arrange to see a concert or go to a festival?  This is a good way to have something to look forward to and build excitement between you both, also why not go and spend the night in a hotel as a real treat.

11. Cosy Night In

A cosy night in, light some candles, romantic music, a cheeky bottle of’ ‘fizz’ to create that ambiance and spend the evening talking the night away.  This is a good way to reconnect and give you both the opportunity to share how you feel about one other.

12. Breakfast in Bed

Spend some time in the bedroom, hanging out or having breakfast together in bed.  You could just be reading the paper together talking about general world events, you will be amazed how close you will feel to the other again.

The best way to arrange date time, is to sit down and work out together when you both are free and put it in the diary and If you have children who is going to arrange the baby sitter.You each take a turn to plan a date night/day per week or fortnightly.This way the other person does not feel they are doing all the work to spend time with you, as this will only lead to resentment towards the other partner.Ensure you are both committed to doing this, if it is a particularly busy time, acknowledge this and do not set up false expectations if you cannot achieve it, otherwise this can have a detrimental impact on the relationship.If you need to cancel a date night/day, ensure that whoever cancels, rearranges the next date and time when you can go out together-happy dating!