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Contract of Services

  • These sessions will be held at a mutually convenient time, agreed beforehand by both parties.

  • I agree to pay the agreed sum that has been discussed at the initial consultation.

  • Once the initial consultation has taken place and on-going session agreed a double payment will be taken. 

  • This is to secure any ‘no shows’ and room bookings, if the sessions are cancelled 24 hours in advance the last session that is attended will not be charged for.

  • On-going session payments are paid 48 hrs in advance to ensure room bookings.

  • If I am unable to attend the session I understand that I am required to give 24 hours notice. 

  • In the event of not given notice, I understand the initial payment made will not be refundable and that in order to continue with ongoing therapy an additional session payment will be required.

  • Should I not give notice to end counselling/coaching and fail to make prior contact, I understand appointments will be realised and there will be no refunds of payments.

  • Appointments are weekly or fortnightly and will last for 50 minutes per session.

  • I understand that my counsellor/coach abides by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) code of ethics and practice.  I am able to contact the BACP with any concerns.

  • I understand in order to maintain the highest standards; my counsellor is required to meet regularly with their supervisor to discuss clinical work. 

  • My counsellor/coach may discuss my case during these sessions without using personally identifiable information.

  • I agree to attend my session fit to engage in therapy by not being intoxicated or affected by illicit drugs. 

  • I understand I may be asked to leave if I am not fit for my therapy session.

  • My session will be treated as confidential at all times, however I accept that my counsellor may need to break confidentiality where there is:

-   Circumstances relating to harm to self or others.

-   Identifying risks to children or vulnerable adults.

-   Suspected acts of terrorism/drug trafficking or money laundering.

-   Requirements by the law to do so.

  • If my counsellor/coach feels that for any reason confidentiality needs to be broken, then wherever possible this will be discussed between the counsellor and the client(s) and they will be informed in any event of any disclosure made relating to the client(s) or others.

  • Client(s) information will be stored in a lockable cabinet.

The client(s) will be given a copy of this contract, which will be discussed and explained at the initial consultation. The client(s) will sign to confirm that they have read, understood and agree to the above terms and conditions before the work can commence.

I am fully insured with Oxygen Insurance Company, specialising in working with private practitioners.