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‘Knowing Me Knowing You’ The Blueprint to Successful Relationships

You’ll hear many people say “all I want to do is fall in love and be happy”, but what does this really mean? Do we know ourselves well enough to actually achieve this? In my experience, a high percentage of new relationships fail because of people not truly knowing what they’re looking for, therefore going from one relationship to another. Many attracting the same types of relationship styles and, as a result, find themselves going from heartbreak to heartbreak.

The key to building healthy & sustainable relationships is to understand ourselves better and what we really want

During my 15-year career as a relationship specialist I have worked with many couples and individuals over the years to work through their differences and to help them resolve their challenges through building self-awareness and education on what it means that have a healthy relationship.

TLC Counselling and Coaching has been born out of my experience in this area and a desire to reach everyone, not just those who have attended individual and couple sessions. Building self-awareness for all, one workshop at time. Supporting people to invite healthier relationships into their lives by knowing what they truly desire.

Aims of the Workshop

  1. To offer an introduction to having a greater understanding of what makes a healthy relationship, helping you to form one.

  2. To start to provide you with tools and techniques to help you figure out what you really want from a relationship.

  3. To offer you the resources and know-how in finding that special relationship

Please contact me to register your interest, as these workshops are run on a waiting list basis.