About Me

TLC Counselling, based in Basingstoke, Hampshire offers Individual Counselling, Couples Counselling, Children and Young Adult Counselling and Life Coaching.

TLC Counselling Aims – to support you to connect to your inner emotional and mental wellbeing.

  • TLC Counselling, based in Basingstoke, can help you to explore what is troubling you. I will support you to begin reconnecting with yourself. This is by understanding and making sense of why you are feeling the way you are. I can help you to make better-informed decisions and improve your quality of life moving forward.
  • The success of having a positive outlook on life is good emotional, physical and mental self-care.  If you are focusing on what makes you happy and feel good; then this will attract the right people and situations in your life.
  • Believing in yourself allows you the confidence to understand that it does not matter what others think or do; but it is what you do is the most important thing.

Ann-Marie Masson, Counselling- Basingstoke


I have spent the past 15 years working as a Life Coach, Relate Counsellor, and Trainer. Working with professionals, parents, children, young people, couples and individuals. I have also built up a successful private practice over the past 6 years when working with a varying range of issues. Alongside this, I worked for 5 years as a Clinical Head of Services Manager for a Mental Health Charity, running all the clinical aspects of the service. Working with a fantastic team of counsellors within Basingstoke and Hook area. Also mentors who provided short term support to young people, families, and parents that have been impacted by mental health issues.

I believe that the most challenging experiences can be connected back to your childhood, and also, personal relationships both past and present. Depending on those experiences, good or bad, this can have varying impacts at different stages of your life”.

Counselling in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Zoom calls can be taken from anywhere in the UK.

Counselling has always been my one true passion, and I see the work that I do as a real privilege. I believe I can support you to explore your own unique story; to help you to overcome your barriers and life hurdles.

It is important for you to be aware that you are the real expert in your life; no one else knows you or your life better than you! 

I can offer to guide you through your counselling journey to help you build on your personal growth and development. You can then start to move on and become successful in achieving your own goals no matter what they are.
I am highly responsive to your individual or couple needs. Perhaps more importantly for you to know is my approach is open and honest. Where appropriate, I will explain everything you need to know about the counselling process, by answering any questions you may have along the way.

My Therapeutic Counselling Approach & Orientation

PSYCHODYNAMIC – a form of deep psychology, the primary focus of which is to reveal the unconscious content of your psyche to alleviate psychic tension.

SYSTEMIC – working respectfully and effectively with you in ways that consider meaningful relationships, across generations, identifying the different systems and contexts in which you live.

I believe in an ‘Integrative Approach’

Since qualifying in 2007, I have added other therapeutic methods to my learning, such as Solution-focused, Person-centred, Transactional analysis, and Cognitive behaviour (CBT) therapy and this allows me to have a well rounded adaptive approach when working with you. This is because one size does not ‘fit’ all.
The most important aspect of counselling is the therapeutic alliance you have with me because if you have no trust in me as your counsellor, then ultimately the approach used is not relevant.


  • Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills – Integrated Approach.
  • Qualification as a Relate Counsellor
  • Relate Webcam & Telephone Counsellor
  • Relate Graduate Certificate – University of East London
  • Relate Trainer Level 3 ‘Group Skills and Coaching’ (Theory & Practice) for Trainers
  • Relate, Certificate in Working with Young People
  • Relate, Certificate in Telephone Counselling

Continuing Professional Development Certificates

  • Understanding & Working with Social Isolation
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Attachment Theory and Trauma
  • The Psychological Well-being of Service Military and Veterans
  • Service Life, Development and its Effect on Families and Couple Relationships
  • CAFFCASS Trainer, working with Separated Parenting Programme
  • NSPCC Child Protection Awareness Programme
  • Working with and Understanding Child Protection
  • Protecting Information (data protection)
  • Domestic Violence Abuse and Intervention/Safety
  • Domestic Violence Abuse – Individual
  • Controlling and Coercive Behaviour in Intimate Relationship
  • Structured Interviews/Assessments
  • Mental Health
  • Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse Level 1 & 2
  • Consultation with a Counsellor (assessing and interviewing potential clients)
  • Erotic Transference
  • Working with Sexual Issues in Counselling
  • Working with Couples and Sex Addiction
  • Sexual Addiction – Use of the Internet & Social Media platforms
  • Recognising and Understanding Sex Addiction
  • Psychodynamic Approaches to Criminal and Compulsive Behaviour
  • Professional Boundaries and Values
  • Suicide Risk Awareness Workshops


Confidence in knowing your dealing with a Professional Therapist.

Having a person-centred approach.

If you would like any further information, or you are unsure about how I could support you, please feel free to give me a call. If you would prefer to e-mail me with any questions or queries that you may have, please do not hesitate, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Where am I based and what do I offer?

TLC Counselling is based in Basingstoke in Hampshire. I offer face to face counselling in the Dayout Centre in Rooksdown House. I have a private room to keep everything confidential. However, since the Coronavirus outbreak, I can now also offer Zoom calls, in the comfort of your own home.


Face to Face Counselling is based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, Zoom calls can be done remotely.

Creating a safe space for your voice to be heard