Child & Young People Counselling

Child Counselling and Young People Counselling can help the child or young adult come to term with any bad experiences, any worries or anything that they have come across. A variety of methods are used to achieve the best outcome for them.

young people counselling

£40 per session and £25 for those on a low income

‘To create a professional, warm and caring experience where you can feel safe to explore what is happening in your life’

What is children, and young people counselling?

Children and young people counselling is a talking therapy that allows you to explore your feelings, and make sense of how your thinking affects how you deal with problems. It is a safe space for you to let out what is bothering you to help you feel better. Sometimes it can be tough to know why you are feeling the way you are, never mind let others know what is happening for you. You may feel confused by your thoughts, feelings and your reactions to situations that are going on around you.

One of the most common problems I hear from children and young people is the feeling that you are not being ‘allowed’ to make choices without an adult ‘say so’. It can create many problems in your relationships with your family or friends, also at school with teachers. You can find yourself withdrawing from people or having arguments with them, leaving you feeling frustrated. It is prevalent at home with your parents and other family members, as this is where it can be the safest place to let your feelings out. I can understand how hard it can be for you, sometimes when you are struggling to ‘fit in’ with everyone else around you.  There are so many issues and difficulties that you are faced with daily.  I have worked with many children and young people being impacted by social media, exams, anxiety, low moods, self-harm, self-esteem, suicidal ideation, body image, OCD, intrusive thoughts, sexuality, gender identity and relationships. There is so much ‘stuff’ to deal with in your life, and it can leave you feeling isolated and lonely.

‘Children and young people’s counselling, is having someone there that is just for you, so you can be free to say what you want. I will not tell you what to do, but I can guide you when you want me to’.

How can children and youth counselling help me, what are the benefits?

child counselling

Sometimes It may be difficult for you to talk to people that are close to you for any number of reasons. It can leave you feeling alone, scared, and overwhelmed by everything, and this is when counselling can help you. I will be with you every step of the way, and you can talk to me about your worries, concerns, and troubles. It is also helping you ‘unpick’ things that are ‘going on’ for you.

Benefits of having child counselling and young people counselling?

  • I will support you to open up and allow you to explore how you are feeling.
  • We will look at your patterns of thinking and behaviours, so we can start to break these down together, step by step.
  • I will work with you to help you understand what you want to change in your life.
  • We will look at building your confidence and self-esteem. You will start to ‘work out’ for yourself what makes you feel stressed, angry or anxious.
  • I can support you to build a ‘toolbox’ of different ways of improving how you deal with problems to help you with lasting changes in your life.

What is the process for children and youth counselling?

  • We will meet for an initial consultation/assessment, and this allow you the opportunity to meet with me, to ensure you feel I am the right person for you.
  • I will inform you about confidentiality, data protection, and give you a counselling agreement to sign if you decide to go ahead with counselling. (If you are under 13 years old an adult will have to be there to sign the counselling agreement with you).
  •  I can offer you a weekly, or fortnightly appointment lasting 50 minutes per session for as long as you need them.
  • The counselling sessions are arranged to suit what you need, and I will not inform anyone outside of the session about the things we talk about.
  • The only time I will inform anyone about anything that you have said is when you want me to, or if there is a serious risk of danger to yourself or someone else.
  • I will always make sure that you know what is ‘going on’ every step of the way, and I will not do anything that is ‘behind your back’.
  • I can also support you to have a session with a parent or a guardian if you would like me to, which would be arranged with you and I before this took place.
  • Throughout counselling, I will ‘check things out’ with you to make sure you are getting what you need and to ‘keep track’ of where you are at.

How do I make an appointment for child counselling ?

Once you have made contact with me, I will respond to you within 24 hours, and I will ensure that you both can access an initial appointment with me within two weeks of contacting me.

What if I have any more questions or queries about child and young people counselling?

If you would like any further information, or you are unsure about how I could support you, please feel free to give me a call.  If you would prefer to e-mail me with any questions or queries that you may have, please do not hesitate, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.