– TLC Counselling’s Vision –

“Striving to provide a person-centered approach where the client is at the heart…. and to support clients in their personal life journey.”

Client 2008
"I cannot believe talking to someone could make such a difference in our relationship. Ann-Marie was fantastic and really helped us to understand each other. It was important to me that I trusted Ann-Marie so I was able to be truthful and honest and it also helped that she has a sense of humour." -
Client 2010
"Although I only had an assessment session with Ann-Marie that was all I needed at the time. Being able to talk things over with a third party enabled me to speak more openly with my husband. We have agreed to work on our relationship together
Client 2012
"Ann-Marie was a very good counsellor, making me feel very relaxed. While we haven’t got exactly where we wanted to be, it has made a very big difference to our marriage, making us very aware of how we act and treat each other. I hope to come back for a few follow up sessions in the near future."
Client 2014
"Excellent service saved my marriage. Discovered the problems & helped us see our errors, gave us the tools & confidence to go forward together. Wish we had gone earlier. Ann-Marie was excellent & put us both at ease & got my partner to open up."
Client 2016
"Ann-Marie was hugely professional & objective at all times. She always took each point seriously & gave guidance/advice on how best to address things together each time."
Client 2016
"Ann-Marie was fantastic. She understood our issues and was able to quickly create a very strong rapport with us both. We were very pleased to have such a fantastic counsellor."
Client 2018
Despite my husband, I decided to separate we both, especially me, really benefited from all the sessions with Ann-Marie. It really opened up subjects that I had not previously thought might be effecting me but clearly were having an impact on my life. Ann-Marie was superb and a huge help, massive thanks to her for her help and support."