Counselling Services

TLC Counselling offers a variety of confidential counselling services including couples- counselling, individual-counselling, children and young adult- counselling and life coaching. Each one will give a different desired outcome and you may choose to undertake 2 /3 different types of counselling session to achieve your desired outcome.

Relationship Counselling– Confidential

couples confidential counselling

Couple relationships can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging you can encounter in your life. Living in such preoccupied times and with every-day demands can put a lot of pressure on a relationship. You may find yourselves feeling as though you are growing apart or being torn in different directions, which can be even more prevalent when children come along. 

Individual Counselling-Confidential

Individual confidential counselling

Individual Counselling is about helping you make sense of your thoughts and feelings, so you and I can understand more clearly what is happening for you and how you may like things to change in your life.

Children & Young People’s CounsellingРConfidential

Children and young people confidential counselling

I understand how hard life can be for you sometimes and how issues can affect you, especially around things like fitting in, sexuality, social media, exams, anxiety, low moods, anger, OCD, self-harm, self-esteem, suicidal & intrusive thoughts, body image, and relationships. This can leave you feeling isolated and can impact on how you think and feel about yourself and others. I offer confidential counselling sessions to help you overcome this.

Life Coaching- Confidential

Confidential life coaching

I will help you to understand why you find yourself in your current situation. We will look at various strategies, to motivate you and design a plan to move towards a new and more active position in your life

Ann-Marie can advise you which confidential counselling method would best suit your needs. This can be done with a free mini telephone consultation. Please call on 0777918572

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